Getting started

Getting started with Celantur Container


Celantur Container is a software application that anonymizes images and videos fully automated.
It is shipped as a scalable Docker container image and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud and on-the-edge.
Multiple object types can be anonymized:
  • Faces
  • Persons
  • License plates
  • Vehicles
Your required object type is not in the list? We can help you. Please ask your Celantur sales representative.
How Celantur Container can be used

Requirements and Installation 🛠

How to use Celantur Container 💻

Celantur Container can be used in different data input/output modes:
It's also possible to extract segmentation masks and metadata per processed image.
​Customize blurring to optimize visual appearance of the anonymization for your specific requirements.
Enable the CPU mode in case you have no access to GPUs.
Celantur Container can run completely offline

What's new

Celantur Container is getting continuously improved with new features. Read more about past and recent releases in the Release Notes: