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Version 24.04.1 (hotfix)

Release on April 7, 2024

  • Fix bug: 'color' output in metadata JSON is null instead of RGB triplet for --save-mask all and --save-mask instance.

  • Fix bug: In API mode, response to POST /v1/file does not contain anonymised_url

  • When API mode starts without --save-mask parameter, retrieving segmentation masks with GET /file/{id}/binary-mask or GET /file/{id}/instance-mask now causes 404 instead 500 error.

  • Fix bug: In API mode, DELETE /task/{id} does not remove video metadata json files.

Version 24.03.1

Release on March 28, 2024

  • Improved object-detection-v2 model.

  • Fixed bug with REST API query parameter naming: Dashes - are now interchangeable with underscores _ in parameter names.

  • The Docker container now starts by default as user with uid 1000 and gid 1000.

Version 24.02.1

Release on Febuary 20, 2024

  • Improve UX of Container API asynchronous processing.

Version 24.01.1

Release on Jan 18, 2024

  • API mode now supports asynchronous processing.

  • API mode now supports webhooks.

  • Improved object-detection-v2 model.

  • In API mode, the -i <input> and -o <output> folders are used to temporary store the input and output data.

If you are using API mode, remove the following two lines to avoid an PermissionError:

-v "${PROCESS_DIR}/input":"${DOCKER_HOME}/input"

-v "${PROCESS_DIR}/output":"${DOCKER_HOME}/output"

  • In API mode, the keys in JSON response to POST /v1/file now contain underscore instead of dashes.

      "id": "string",
      "content_type": "before: content-type",
      "anonymized_video": "before: anonymized-video",
      "metadata_url": "before: metadata-url"

  • Misc. bugfixes

Version 23.12.1

Release on Dec 7, 2023

  • Improved object-detection-v2 model.

  • Bugfix: Fetching video metadata as JSON returned no detections in certain cases.

Known issue (Fixed in version 24.02.1): In REST API mode and using the object-detection-v2 model, when submitting a video followed by an image an error occurs (500 HTTP response, "Error in ASGI Framework" in Container log). We'll address this issue with a hotfix or in the upcoming release.

Version 23.11.2

Release on Nov 14, 2023 (Bugfixes)

  • Bugfix: Container API CLI parameters are not overriden by POST query parameters.

  • Bugfix: Video processing causes crash when video file has no metadata.

Version 23.11.1

Release on Nov 7, 2023

  • General license plate detection improvements (reduction of false positives).

  • The object-detection-v2 model has been retrained on UK license plates.

Version 23.10.2

Release on Oct 3, 2023

  • Integrated object tracking for video processing.

  • Keep video metadata (stream/track and container metadata) when anonymizing videos

  • Create video metadata (frame-wise) as JSON of anonymized videos

Version 23.09.2

Released on October 03, 2023

  • In Container REST API, the type of the attribute id in the response of POST /file changes from number to string.

Version 23.09.1

Released on Sep 12, 2023

  • Minor internal changes.

Version 23.08.2

Released on Sep 5, 2023

  • Integrate new video processing model.

  • Refactoring of OpenCV dependencies for video processing.

Version 23.08.1

Released on Aug 23, 2023

  • Minor internal changes

Version 23.07.3

Released on Aug 14, 2023

  • Bugfix: Licensing did not work in some cases.

Version 23.07.2

Released on Jul 22, 2023

  • Introduce functionality to limit container usage via license files.

  • Misc. bug fixes.

Version 23.07.1

Released with 23.07.2

  • Refactor memory allocation for multiprocessing.

  • Refactor image data handling.

  • Known issue: --model object-detection does not work with shared memory (--use-shared-memory)

Version 23.06.2

Released: 2023-07-13

  • Fixed: Wrong bounding boxes in metrics output.

  • Fixed: Logging didn't write to main log.

  • Fixed: Video processing didn't accept --debug --score parameters.

  • Fixed: --stream --overwrite crashes when the output directory contained the file that is named the same as input file.

  • Fixed: Misc. vulnerabilities in Celantur Container.

  • Fixed: Video processing cannot write out video files if output folder does not exit.

  • Minor bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

Version 23.04.3

Released: 2023-04-30

  • Minor bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

Version 23.03.2

Released: 2023-03-31

  • Video anonymization supports now existing inference threshold parameters, e.g. --<object>-threshold.

  • Fixed: --debug --score parameters did not work properly.

  • Fixed: blur function caused process to stop in certain edge cases.

Version 23.02.1

Released: 2023-02-28

  • Minor bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

Version 23.01.2

Released: 2023-01-31

  • Fixed: Segmentation and binary masks were blank.

Version 22.12.1

Released: 2022-12-31

  • Customizable Blurring The blurring effect can now be customized by setting gradient start and stop value, as well as the kernel size for specific objects. Read how it works..

  • Code refactoring and maintenance (anonymiser code).

  • Fixed issue with garbage collection.

Version 22.11.2

Released: 2022-11-30

  • Get segmentation masks in TCP mode By setting the --save-mask parameter, segmentation masks can now be returned by the Container (default are numpy arrays).

  • Fixed: Celantur Container new logs to STDOUT instead of STDERR.

Version 22.10.2

Released: 2022-11-03

  • Code refactoring to improve performance for video processing (on GPU).

  • Fixed: Binary masks contained vehicles and persons, even though only license plates were specified.

Version 22.09.2

Released: 2022-09-30

  • File-wise detection thresholds Set individual detection thresholds per file by specifying face-threshold, person-threshold, vehicle-threshold and license-plate-threshold when using the Container API or Batch Mode.

  • Container API health endpoint (/status) is now non-blocking.

  • Fixed: Automatic tiling.

  • Fixed: When anonymising person and license-plate, persons are not anonymised.

  • Updated celantur-core dependencies.

Version 22.08.1

Released: 2022-08-31

  • Code refactoring to improve software maintenance.

Version 22.07.2

Released: 2022-07-31

  • PNG support for Container API PNG images can be ingested with the Container API.

  • Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Version 22.06.8

Released: 2022-06-30

  • REST API You can now send and receive images from the container via a REST API. This makes integration into your data pipelines even easier and more convenient: Celantur Container API Documentation

  • Generate segmentation masks Create binary or instance segmentation masks for processed images. These mask files can be used for further image analysis and faster processing: Generate segmentation masks with the Celantur container

  • Up to 60% faster processing by generating only metadata and segmentation masks By selecting the new “detect” method (instead of e.g. “blur”), the container is running only the inference on images, skipping the anonymization. This results in faster processing times when only metadata or segmentation masks are required.

  • Size of Docker image reduced by 1 GiB

  • Several bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

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